Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Weddingsphere - More Like Divorces for the Week of Nov 3rd

Since this past week felt more like divorce court than anything else, I've decided to just cover divorces to highlight the ins and outs of the weddingsphere. Between the divorces of Reese and Ryan, and Britney and Kevin, you just have to wonder where did these guys get married. Oh, let's not forget the Paul and Heather Mill's divorce, too.

After some hunting, this is what came up:

The wedding of Reese and Ryan, back on June 5, 1999, took place at the Old Wide Awake Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina.

Britney Spears got married at a friend's house in Studio City. It was more of an intimate event as only 20 or so guests were invited. Just to let you, she wore a strapless bridal gown made by designer Monique L'Huillier.

Paul McCartney's wedding took place at a Castle Leslie, Glaslough, in the Republic of Ireland. Heather Mills wore a gown by Eavis & Brown of London.

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