Friday, December 09, 2005

Holiday Breakups

Lately, I've been hearing news stories of countless celebrity breakups from the divorce of Christina Applegate to the calling off the wedding of Nicole Ritchie. For what may seem like a trend is just normal by all standards for just as many people breakup, the same might be said as to the number of people who get engaged during the holidays. Is it the allure and romance associated with the holidays that gets people all crazy? Perhaps it is the romantic sentiment, the snow, and the spirit of giving that might explain things.


Bill said...

Dahlia - I think it has to do with the approaching New Year, and folks re-evaluating their life, relationships etc.... more than with the stuff that surrounds the holidays.

Hey, that's just my opinion!

psyche said...

its just the spur of the moment.
everyone loves to be in love...especially at the right moment... we all love gettin stuck in a moment and tryin to get out of it afterwards...its a cycle...its a common obsession that makes us human.

Dahlia said...

As patterns show:

December - get together or breakup

January - for those who get together - test relationship for longevity

February - reaffirm relationship at Valentines

April - celebrate Easter together or go egg hunting

June - go for a summer trip

July - August - spend the summer together watching movies, going out, having fun

August - nothing

September - October - nothing

November - if you get together with each other's families, then the relationship is solid, if not all hopes of getting together at December are diminished

December - either spend it together, but if not, the relationship is tested resulting in a proposal or a breakup

Just my 2 cents!