Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gift Ideas for Bloggers from Dahlia

This Christmas Season, I've decided to share a little something with my fellow bloggers. While giving presents would certainly be great, I think this would be even better. 5 gift ideas and stocking stuffers for bloggers:

1) Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

I call these the Grand Piano of Chairs. These are just about the most comfortable chairs around. If you are petite, they have a size just for us dwarflings. I can sit in this chair for 8 hours straight. Okay, maybe not 'cuz I'd have to eat and go to the bathroom. If you can afford one or find one at a discount, this is the chair to buy. Prices vary anywhere from $200 and upwards of $2000.

2) Pillowstep MicroTerry Clog from Isotoner

I don't have a foot fetish. Honestly, I don't, but this slipper is so comfortable - your feet or your wife's feet will be very happy. Price $18

3) Terra Frites
Every blogger has to have some munchies and this is the one I crave all the time. They may not be available at all groceries, but you may be able to find them at places similar to Whole Foods or Wild Oats. IF you're looking for low sodium and "healthier" snacks, this may not be to your liking; however, Terra Chips also offers other snacks made with olive oil.

4) Phone Head Sets

When I blog, sometimes I get a call. Avoid a stiff neck and get a head set! Price vary, but if you're looking for something comfortable, try the one from Plantronics.

5) Watch a good movie or get gift certificates to a movie

Okay. I know blogging is fun, but a good movie is also a great way to get out and spend time with family and friends. This December I hope to watch the movie: Syriana. Before you head out, I suggest going to the movie review site of "Rotten Tomatoes".

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