Friday, May 27, 2005

Should she really be prosecuted and sent to the slammer?

Nobody ever went to jail for abandoning their fiancé at the altar, but in the case of the runaway bride from Georgia making false statements about one’s own kidnapping certainly warrants some form of punishment. There are some that argue that she should serve some jail time; however, if you examine her mental and emotional condition into consideration, some will say that she really needs serious help especially since she has already broken an engagement before and was charged with shoplifting at a mall.

The interesting aspect of this all is what were her parents thinking of while planning such as elaborate wedding, while having prior knowledge that she had ditched her previous fiancé. They really concealed that part of the story pretty darn well. This brings me to think that perhaps there should be some form pre-wedding agreement – sort of like a – prenup wherein if one should get cold feet even before the actual wedding that they are liable for damages – i.e., paying up for the wedding. Such an agreement/contract would have to make certain detailed assumptions so as it would be fair both the bride and groom to recover from cost of the wedding.

Many people may argue that she should go to jail for creating such a big mess, but there are also some compassionate people who will say that she really needs to seek the help of a professional. Judging from her prior history, what it appears is that this person has a lot of issues stemming from her parents to her own sense of self-esteem. It will be very interesting to see how this all ends up.

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