Friday, August 01, 2008

2008 Fall Colors - Blues and Purple

I'm so delighted to hear that this coming fall, the traditional colors typically associated with this season have taken a respite. According to the color experts at Pantone, fashion designers are looking to colors such as blues, purples, and even greens. I think it's really a fresh take on the whole fall palette that we normally see. While you do still see warm shades, it's great that blue and especially purple have taken center stage. For the full Pantone report, go here.

I gather that there should a slew of elegant, new bridesmaid dresses and fun color palettes to work with this coming fall.


Liz - Wedding Bistro said...

I'm loving the purple this fall. For an idea on how to use purple, you can check out this article.

Anonymous said...

In the palette, I see navy blue, too! What a great color for fall.

Lena said...

I can't believe that green is also there! One of my favorite colors.