Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Petit Fours - Yummy Bridal Desserts

Petit fours - those little cakes that you can just eat and eat. I've eaten 10 of them at any one time during a bridal shower tea party last winter. But, they can be downright expensive. You can try making them: try this recipe, or you can also buy them now at these places:

Dragonfly Petit Fours (4 dozen) at $74.99

Coffee Petits Fours at $16.99

Valentine Petits Fours at $46.75


princy_55 said...

The desserts look so yummy and cute!
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Azalea said...

Yummy!! I love to buy my petits and cakes from Wisconsin Cheeseman store...

Dahlia's Day said...

Yes! These sure look so yummy! If only we could eat the pictures.