Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cool Tech Gifts for Groomsmen

When looking for groomsmen gifts, what comes into mind, or more like what do you find on the web first? Let's see now: flasks, beer mugs, and cigar cases? Those are a fine if you live in the era of Al Capone, but now there are more choices - in fact, it can be a lot of fun finding gifts for your groomsmen especially if they are one of your closest friends and just happen to be tech junkies. With that said, I've found a couple of nifty gadgets (note: money here is not an issue) that may just seal the deal:

Philipps VOIP 841 Skype - This puppy is so cool that you'd want one for yourself

Squeezebox with Pandora

Nokia E65 - a 3G phone with VoIP capability - super cool

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