Friday, February 09, 2007

A Valentine's Day Wedding Proposal

Some pre-wedding talk before the 14th of February - also known as the day of wedding proposals.The scene typically entails chocolate, roses, jewelry, and a teddy bear. But sometimes giving a different approach can make the impact more impressive. And in this day and age, a man or a woman deciding to pop the question can certainly do it with just a bit more creativity besides you know - the "usual."

A Heart-shaped Cake
Who doesn't love cake? C'mon, you've gotta be crazy not to love cake. Cupid would agree that giving a wonderful heart-shaped wedding cake might do the trick. It need not be a big cake, but one with a loud wow factor. It can be a cute little wedding cake with the top of the cake serving as the place to put the ring or you can reserve the top layer of the cake to hold the ring similar to a small box stacked at the very top. If you want to be extravagant, then a real wedding cake in the shape of heart is the way to go. This cake from Cakes by Wildflowers - created by Chef Lori Ann Blethen are just pure edible works of art.

Heart Shaped Pasta Meal
Prepare an Italian meal using mini heart-shaped pasta shells. There are dozens of recipes out there for creating a perfectly romantic Italian dinner, so you can substitute heart shells for regular pasta. The most popular dishes that come into mind and are sure to be a "hit" include carbonarra and shrimp scampi. If you're feeling truly giddy about this idea, you can also try creating a favorite pasta dish of your soon to be fiance. When having an Italian dinner, be sure to serve a tiramisu for dessert. Lastly, you can pop the question as he/she is eating dessert for a total surprise. Check out the Pasta Shoppe for cute heart pasta shells!

How about heart shaped ravioli from Alfonso Gourmet Pasta Inc!

Heart Shaped Cupcakes
If you've already caught on the current cupcake craze, then you will surely love this idea. For a spectacular way to propose, create a boat load of colorful cupcakes in pretty shades of red and pink, and present them on a silver serving tray. Reserve a tiny space in the center of the tray to hold the box for the ring. After a romantic meal, you can present this tray. If you can't find ready-made cupcakes, get the assistance of a friend and bake them yourself using Silicone Cupcake Molds made by Tovolo. You can also try to find them at retailers such as Sur La Table.

Wilton also carries a similar product and you can purchase it directly from their website:

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