Monday, February 19, 2007

A honeymoon in Tuscany

Maybe this was inspired by my experience watching the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” or perhaps that bottle of Chianti I had this weekend, but whatever it is, a destination wedding in Italy is an ultra romantic way to make your nuptials. Or, if you’d rather spend it with the most important person in your life, then it’s also a great place for a honeymoon. Whether you plan to say “I do” or not in this beautiful region, there are so many romantic things to enjoy when you’re there such as visiting a wine estate. For this idea, I’ve found Castello di Gabbiano. Actually, it found me when I was shopping for an elegant dinner wine at Target.

Picture this for a moment. You and your fiancé just shared a bottle of wine from the Italian vineyard of Castello di Gabbiano. To celebrate the memories of your relationship, you head off to this 12th century castle tucked in the hills of Tuscany. Forget the glitz of a big hotel because in this castle, there are only 10 guest rooms. They even serve you a welcome bottle of wine when you get there. Call it a bed and breakfast, but this is more because you get a true taste of the Tuscan culture and people when you travel here. If you feel like doing literally nothing, the castle touts a beautiful view garden view of the castle. Its strategic location also makes it a wonderful stop if traveling through Italy because it’s between the city of Florence and Siena.

If you’re not yet sold on staying at this castle, then you can stay put where you are (which is probably a lot cheaper) and enjoy some of their wines and recipes for planning your own Tuscan-inspired wedding. Their website offers some select recipes that are also offered at their restaurant - the "Il Cavaliere" Restaurant. Plus, they give you pairing suggestions with each recipe. Check out their recipes for Florentine-style Grilled T-Bone Steaks!

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