Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's your Honeymoon Type

Every bride and groom knows that planning their honeymoon is what makes the wedding experience truly memorable. But stop, do you know what is your "honeymoon type"? And what exactly is it? Put it simply, you may both want to go to the same place - usually a romantic destination, but sometimes, one party may not always be happy. This is why knowing what you both want in a honeymoon is a good place start looking even before looking for a place to travel. I've basically defined them as the following types:

Adventure Seeking
You're the type of couple that could spend an entire weekend rock-climbing, camping out, or kayaking. This honeymoon ain't going to be boring, but it also ain't for everyone. For one, you've gotta be in shape if you plan to: go white water rafting on the Colorado River by the Grand Canyon, take up some windsurfing on Lake Tahoe, or scuba diving in the Bahamas. It's a honeymoon that packs in energy and romance. Getting the right gear and outfits is key to enjoying this trip.

Just where do you go if you want to get all that fun in one place? Maui is the answer.

Enrichment Seeking
There are some couples who have an affinity for the arts. A wine and cheese afternoon for two is perfectly romantic. No need to pack hiker shoes or scuba gear on this type of honeymoon. This couple may also love to cook and enjoy trying out new foods and restaurants. They may even take up a class or two for an hour or more on their honeymoon. A trip to Italy isn't just about discovering the beautiful sceneries and landmarks, but also learning a new skill such as Italian cooking. After all, sampling food means knowing how to cook it when you get back home.

How do you plan such a trip? Check out Epiculinary for planning a culinary vacation.

Relaxation Seeking

My favorite couple is the one that simply wants to relax - sit, sleep, and eat! It's the kind of honeymoon where serene waters, a relaxing breeze, and coconut trees are all you really need to enjoy this vacation. All you require is a great meal and massage to end the day. You don't want to sail a yacht, but you sure won't mind laying around on one.There is never a dull moment because being in the midst of paradise brings you much contentment. Before you head off to paradise, pack a great bathing suit, a cute outfit, and be sure to bring sun protection.

Where is paradise? Try the British Virgin Islands.

Tourist Seeking
London, Paris, and Rome are the cities to see on your European tour honeymoon. It's the couple who wouldn't mind towing a map and guide book to find the hottest tourist spots. Getting up at 4am to catch the Eurail to Amsterdam is just part of the enjoyment of the experience. After all, this honeymoon seeks to soak in the history and culture of a place. Be sure to pack light yet well enough to endure the trip. Whether you plan to bring your own elegant dress, or buy a piece or two along the way, treat yourself to a romantic dinner in a fine gourmet restaurant somewhere during your trip. It's worth it!

Don't get overwhelmed, get to the Travel Channel's European Guides.

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