Friday, January 19, 2007

Wedding Nails - Ways to Prep Them

They say you can tell a woman by their nails. While that is a subject of great debate, let's just say that when you're walking down the aisle, all eyes are on you from head to toe. And if you have been biting on those nails, chipping them, or just cutting them without much care, perhaps it's time to have a little nail pampering. If you live in Southern Cal, you'll know that nail spas have been popping out everywhere to help you set those nails nice and pretty with a pedicure or manicure, but not everyone has the patience to sit for hours only to have their nails done. That brings us to the next question, how to get those nails "wedding ready?" Depending on your personality (whether you're a downright diva or a simple gal that just wants a little glamor here and there), sprucing up those nails isn't just about nail polish anymore because now you can:

Decorate Like Crazy

Add some bling to them by decorating with crystals. Whatever color you desire, there's a little crystal waiting for you. You can even match it with your wedding's colors. These crystals come in many sizes so you can literally cover your whole nail with them, but that's up to you. How perfect is that. When looking for similar ideas, you can also check the web for "nail gems."

Try Footcandy:

Paint Like An Artist

You want to have those pretty pink nails, but the smell of nail polish has turned you away from a manicure? Acquarella carries a line of nail polish that is odor-free and non-toxic. A little pricey at $18.00, but they have such unique shades. My favorite is their "sparkling cider" shade.

Try Acquarella

Fake It Like You Know It

For the fast and easy approach without the frills, fake or artificial nails as they call it are an alternative. When using them, be sure to follow the directions carefully for obvious reasons. These products also range from painted nails to "natural" ones. If you seen the fake encrusted ones, perhaps that might be another option if you want to go all out. Before you use them, you may want to read more about using these types of nails from, but if you're hooked and want to plan a manicure themed party for your bridesmaids,then have fun!

Try Revlon


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