Saturday, April 15, 2006

My First Invitation to a Wedding in 06'

Yes. This summer I finally got invited to my future sister in law's wedding. While I won't be a member of the wedding party, attending a wedding is always a perfect opportunity to people watch. Probably one of the best parts of a wedding is finding out more about other people and trying not to let other people know about you. It's as if you have to play a sort of masquerade at events like this because inevitably gossips and rumors start to linger long after the wedding. You'd think people would remember how beautiful the wedding was, of course, but somehow, gossip just seems to stay around much much longer. For example, who married whom, so and so gained 10 pounds, or did you see her new boyfriend? Yeah, these are typical psot-wedding tidbits you normally pick up in our family! Certainly give a new name to wedding gossip!

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