Monday, February 06, 2006

Trends trends trends

Trends - they are everywhere. You hear about them all the time whether they are wedding trends, fashion trends, or diet trends. Today I realized that what makes people follow them is the mere fact that they are trends. Besides, a trend would not be a trend unless there is a following. More importantly, though, I ask myself, why should I follow a trend. I mean when a magazine for example like Brides' magazine says that the latest trend in weddings is for brides to have this and that at their wedding. I just don't find these things compelling enough for me to want to follow them. When I go shopping, I don't necessarily look out for what's trendy, but rather what is practical fo me and my wallet!

Check out these so-called wedding trends and see if you agreee!

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2006

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Wedding Trends from FoxNews

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Karen said...

Great! I'll sew some pastel blue faux fur onto my train with silver thread and stamp an advertisement on the back. Purdy! Can my man have some rhinestones on his tux :)?