Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are You Up for a Halloween-themed Wedding?

Would you dare to have your own take on a Halloween theme for your wedding? Or would you find it too ghoulish or goth, too gory or grisly for that all-important Big Day of your lives?

Anyway, we thought we'd toss the question out this ultra-creative Halloween-inspired wedding we found on the site of Amy Wass Photography.

Mind you, this is a real wedding, not just a styled or staged set! And below is the couple's fittingly frightening cake, too!

So, would you dare to have this as your wedding theme and decor?


Bellenza Wedding Blog said...

Love the offbeat decorations for this Halloween wedding!

Anonymous said...

There would have to be some hugely romantic reason to compel me to like Halloween decor for a wedding, since I am totally not a fan of Halloween anyway! I admire the creativity and imagination but basically hate the sugar fueled holiday!