Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is a Custom Gown for you?

 Ever consider a custom-made bridal gown? Before you venture forth and have your dream gown made by a seamstress, be sure to remember the following:

1) Select a dress first that will flatter your body. Don't choose one that looks great in a magazine, but doesn't accentuate or hide your imperfections. Petite brides, too. Be sure you find a gown that doesn't cause you to look funny. Find inspiration from reputable petite gown makers like Priscilla's of Boston. Also, try on a couple of gowns first to see how the fit goes. A ball-gown dress is probably not for a petite bride, so just be careful. A-line would be more suitable because it will not make you look too shor t.

2) Know what kind of fabric you are dealing with. Understand what is tulle, chiffon, silk shantung, satin, taffeta, and organza. These are all different fabrics with a unique texture and feel. The most popular ones would be a mix of fabrics.

Gown by Vera Wang

3) Limit your inspiration to 5-7 designs at the most. The more you choose, the more confusing you will get.

4) Check sources and client recoms! Ask former clients for their feedback.

5) Weigh the cost first before starting a custom-gown project. Is buying cheaper? Is it going to save you time? Or would the luxury of a custom-couture gown be more appealing?                                    

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