Monday, December 19, 2011

Pink Poinsettia Inspiration for a Winter Wedding

Two posts back, we talked about an unexpected, dramatic take on winter florals. Well, I've still got holiday flowers on my mind! So I couldn't help thinking about the quintessential wintertime bloom (though, I understand they're actually leaves!), poinsettias!

The deep red variety that we all know and love may seem a bit overwhelming to use as wedding decor. But I know that poinsettias also come in a creamy white and a soft, dusty pink. So, I did a little searching and found this absolutely gorgeous wedding mood board on The Picky Pair, inspired by the lovely pink poinsettia.

The pairing with ivory and sparkly elements is just so sweet, sophisticated, and subtly holiday-like all at the same time. So all right, couples planning a December 2012 wedding, shall it be a pink poinsettia theme?!

In the meantime, here's wishing one and all a meaningful and memorable Christmas 2011!

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