Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apple Green Wedding Color Palette

Peridot is the birthstone for August! So, I went nuts over this pretty hue of apple green, which became my inspiration for putting together this inspiration board consisting of apple green and lemon. Imagine crafting a color palette matching this color with anything from plum to chocolate brown. You can even infuse some touches of gold to make it truly glamorous! And of course, don't forget it can also be coordinated with vibrant hues of fuchsia, yellow, and orange. Check it out:

Gorgeous cake made with buttercream and topped with lilies


Strapless silk bridesmaid dress from - luv the pretty sash and bow

Apple green wedding invitations via

Cymbidium orchid bouquet via in Hawaii

14Kt peridot engagement ring via - luv the pretty diamond accents


Tracy said...

Apple green for a Wedding Theme I have to say I didn't think it sounded very nice but your choice of images has made it look stunning. Well done its beautiful.

Meg said...

nice green motif! there's this color I have in mind, Blue & Silver, do you have any inspiration for this?

thank you!