Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Wonderful Alternative to an Engagement Ring

Would you still say "yes" if your fiance didn't pop a ring, but instead a necklace like this one? Yes, of course! I was thinking about engagement necklaces as a unique, hip alternative to rings. Don't get me wrong. I love rings, but sometimes having to wear a ring all the time can pose small issues like when you're cooking or when you have to dip your hands in a brownie batter! Hence, I thought that an engagement necklace would be a wonderful option. Plus, you can flaunt it more easily than a ring, since it's on your neck. While browsing through the lovely necklace collection at Neiman Marcus, I chose this cable circle pendant from the David Yurman collection as my favorite:

Cable Circle Pendant - Sterling silver Cable circle pendant with pave diamonds on a box chain. 1.08 total carat weight.

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Liz (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

What a cool alternative!