Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wedding cake alternatives that you can try yourself

I'm really excited to talk about cookies! Specifically, wedding cookies because they are a great option for a couple that doesn't want to spend a lot on their wedding cake, but want to give something special for guests to enjoy at the wedding. So, I'll be sharing some fun wedding cake alternatives, which you may actually do yourself!

Stacks of cookies via Just Cupcakes from Australia

as you can see here, when you have little cookies each separated by icing. You can instantly have something sweet and attractive for guests. If you can find a delicious recipe for butter cookies and learn how to apply the icing, then you can actually save your budget. This idea would also be great as dessert at a bridal shower party. Oh yummy!

Cupcakes via Flickr user kylie lambert

yes, these are some of the easiest treats that you can create. All you need is ample time and planning to make a batch for your guests. Now, if you plan to make 50 or more of these puppies, I suggest you plan way way ahead to retain your sanity and to assure that your cupcakes look cute as a button. Personalize them by adding a sugar accent that follows your theme or add some colorful sugar sprinkles. When using white icing, a little red sugar crystals, adds a beautiful and chic accent!

Individual cakes via Patisserie Viennoise in the UK

I think it's best to say that when thinking of individualized cakes for your guests, that a small guest list is in your horizon. When opting for this cool creations, try serving up 2-3 different flavors so that guests can be in for a big surprise. I suggest strawberries and cream, carrot cake, and of course, chocolate!

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