Friday, October 02, 2009

Truffle Tower Cakes - Oh Wow!

Chocolate truffles! Who would have known that they can be made into a wedding cake. Yes, they can and their called truffle tower cakes. When I stumbled upon these cakes, I realized that they are certainly a great alternative to traditional cakes that use icing. The idea behind truffle cakes is to have a cake that is all covered with chocolate truffles. Then as an added treat, you can have the truffles come in different flavors to complement the flavor of the cake. From what I gather, it looks like the style of truffle cakes were inspired by the French croquembouche simply becaus of their towering design. So, here are the ones to check out:

Tracey Mann Cakes from the UK - this is my absolute favorite one!

Truffle Sensations from Canada - this is also so pretty.

Melissa's Classic Cakes

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