Sunday, August 02, 2009

Faberge Inspired Wedding Cakes

Faberge eggs! You either love or hate 'em. Depending on your personality and style, a Faberge inspired theme can be a hugely romantic and glamorous way to celebrate a wedding. What's even more exciting is the possibility of a grand wedding cake! Just look at these gorgeous creations:

via Cake Coquette

via Flickr user sugrdva

via I Dream of Cake in San Francisco


Bridal Poems said...

Wow ...these cakes are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

wedding cakes said...

These wedding cakes are amazing and definitely creative works of art! I'm sure these cakes would tower over myself... very interesting.

Thanks for sharing these amazing wedding cakes with us.


Starry Night Design Studio said...

I think the first cake is gorgeous!