Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lilac Weddings Here We Come

After going through my pink wedding blog posts, I realized that lilac would be the next logical color to highlight. It's such a underused color nowadays in weddings considering that you can match it up in many ways such as lilac and ivory, lilac and chocolate brown, or even lilac and green. Pink and lilac is also quite beautiful as is blue and lavender. So, try lilac with these pretty ideas I found on the web. Check these sites out:

Wedding cake in ivory with lilac roses Sugarlicious in UK - it's white chocolate tinged in ivory. Gorgeous cake!

Stamps from - they're the first thing that people see

Lovely bouquet from - you'll see sweet peas in creamy whites, including lamb's ear, oregano blossoms, and lisianthus. Love the ribbons, here!

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