Sunday, November 02, 2008

At home for a Thanksgiving wedding party

With the times being so bad, I thought that a Thanksgiving wedding party at home would be great! Now, I am talking about a really low-key, intimate, but fun party here. As a way of getting things started, you can try out some of these ideas:

The invitations - how about going paperless? These are so easy to send out and you can keep track of things quite conveniently! Plus, less paper means less trash on our planet.

The cake - do something different and make them with cookies in the shape of Turkies. Put a fun twist to them by making bride and groom ones. These puppies look so unique!

The favors - double them up as table decorations and even centerpieces

The food - get these ideas from Food Network

In fact, many of the ideas above are not even related to weddings at all because you can gather that this kind of celebration calls for some real creativity!

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