Sunday, September 21, 2008

Regifting for a Wedding Gift

While cleaning out my closet this afternoon, I found an old wedding gift from a friend. Duh, so what? The amazing part of this find was that I realized that the gift was a "REGIFT!" It was a box of Lenox china consisting of a dinner plate, salad plate, a dessert plate, and a saucer. Why didn't I notice the green marking on the back of these porcelain plates? I don't know. Call it blind, maybe? I can't say this enough that the regifting is an art. You've got to know how to do it gracefully and without insulting the recipient. To the friend whom I plan to not contact anymore, please read this book called aptly The Art of Regifting. Please, if you are going to be a guest at a wedding, do your groundwork and please put some care into the packaging. Lastly, include a more personal note with the gift!

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