Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fake Wedding Cakes - Trend?

When I first heard about fake wedding cakes, it was actually at a Chinese wedding of my former roommate in college. I kept wondering to myself how come they didn't serve any cake at the wedding. Later on, I asked my friend what happened to the cake. Was it that bad of a cake I asked her? No, it's a rental. Actually, it was made of styrofoam and make to look like a real cake. With that though, I realized that cake rentals are only now beginning to become more noticeable simply because of how many couples want to save on their weddings. And when you considering the current economy, the budget on some weddings just got tighter this year. I guess that makes two things now to rent: the groom' tux and the cake. So, what do you serve instead of cake? Ice cream? Just look at the pictures from and you won't believe that these cakes are not real. Would you ever consider this kind of cake? I don't think I would, but that's just me. I think you can still find cheaper cakes elsewhere even it means having a smaller one. I heard that Costco sells cakes, too. Would you try that?

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Anonymous said...

I would definitely consider this. I went to a wedding and the same thing was done. They took the cake to the back to slice it- so I thought but we were actually being served sheet cake. It was delicious.
It wasn't until I complimented the bride weeks later, that she laughed and told me it was a fake cake.