Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Recession Wedding

With all the news of a mild recession hitting the economy, you gotta think about the impact this has on your wallet. And if you already have a limited wedding budget, the budget might just get thinner this year. But let's not fret now. There are still many creative ways to have a wedding even if your budget is small. Whether it's a 5K or 10K wedding, the important thing to remember is what aspects of the wedding are the most important to you.

Start with the invitations, this is an area where you can definitely save by doing them yourself. Just choosing the right design and paper can make a big difference. If you stick with a simple yet stylish motif for the invitations, you can still pull this off without spending too much. When asking for an RSVP, have your guests email you a response, or you can set up a free wedding website, that facilitates the RSVP process.

You can also save a lot of money by minimizing the amount of flowers. I actually attended a wedding wherein the tables were decorated with a cake as the centerpiece. A simple sprig of daffodils decorated the cake and guests had a piece of the cake!

Another way to save is by having the wedding reception and ceremony in the same place. You will end up saving a lot more considering that you don't have to find a separate location for the nuptials. Actually, a home wedding would be great place for this idea.

As for food, this is where you can actually get pretty inventive with the budget. If you are on a very tight budget, you can have what is called an "afternoon reception" whereby it's right smack in mid-afternoon, so you can serve up sandwiches, appetizers, cookies, and small pastries to guests. This approach can still look stylish when served on the right kind of dinnerware. It's sort of similar to an afternoon tea, but it's sort of like a cocktail party, too. No need to worry about a main course. Drinks can be pre-bought at a warehouse store like Sam's Club, and you can even buy wine, if you want to have a light afternoon reception. For the wedding cake, have little cupcakes instead of a large cake. You can make these yourself - cupcakes are super easy to make.

Finally, if you still want to have money leftover for a honeymoon, you can save a lot by shopping around for packaged deals that are available during off season travel.

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