Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Can you Learn from Weddings

Can you tell how your future husband or wife will turn out when planning your wedding? A friend of mine recently got married to her long-time college friend and we started to talk about the whole wedding planning experience. One of the more interesting aspects of this discussion turned to the idea that some people don’t really know who they are marrying until you start planning a wedding together. It may actually be truer than you think. While not groom may enjoy picking out the flowers and favors for the wedding, I think it says quite a lot when the groom simply wants to help out in this process. The same can be said for the bride who takes everything into her own hands and leaves nothing for the groom to do, but at the same time, she ends up complaining that she does everything. Do these stories seem familiar to you? A tad perhaps! The point is if you are planning a wedding and want to understand your fiancĂ© more, then get involved and get to know who you are marrying. Who knows what you will end up learning?!

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