Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gown buying - tips from Dahlia

Buying one's wedding gown may seem like a straightforward process of getting the gown and trying it on. However, for many brides, including me at one point in time, the gown-buying experiendce was not exactly a bed of roses and champagne. To understand why for many, it ends up becoming frustrating unlike those scenes you see on tv of a happy bride picking out her gown and everything falls into perfect place. You would think that it should be this way. After all, you are paying a lot of money for a dress you only plan to wear once - literally unless you plan to put it on the auction block. When I bought my gown, i had poured over all the bridal mags in what seemed like a perpetual wheel of fortune game. Expressions like "oh, this is perfect", or "I love this gown" seemed altogether common. Unless you are lucky and have a really good buddy to go boutique hopping to find the right gown. Don't be one of those frustrated people like me. My word of advice is when choosing your gown, resist the urge to find something that merely looks gorgeous. Let's be practical now and ask yourself if it will look gorgeous based on your body type, height, and overall size. With this simple mindset, save yourself the frustration and try to find a gown that works well with your body, one that would flatter it rather than cause you the sheer embarrassment of not looking good as much as you want that gown. If you are petite, find gowns made specifically for petite brides. If you are a voluptous bride, look for gowns that are made for divas not twigs. If you are tall and thin, then you are pretty lucky 'cuz a lot of gowns are made for your body type anyways.


dorothy said...

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Colleen said...

Hi! I love your blog...I have a wedding-ish blog as well:

I am the owner of a wedding florist (Oakes Fields in Colorado), and I post all my pictures and flower thoughts along with stuff about life in general. I was looking for a bunch of wedding blogs to try and make a group. If you like it, I could link to your page and yours to mine?

Let me know! Thanks!