Sunday, July 01, 2007

Target Wedding Gowns

Target, once gain, has come up with an affordable line of wedding gowns designed by Isaac Mizrahi. Prices start at about $89.99 and are only available on-line.

My favorite is the Tulle Princess Dress $159.99

While you may find many of the styles on the plainer side without the fancy lace and complex embroidery and beading of more sophisticated gowns, they are affordable for brides that are on a tight budget. Using accessories such as lovely shawl or wrap, or even jewelry can help a great deal to spruce up your overall look. I found this interesting and practical article from Bellenza! Go here for How to Select a Perfect Bridal Gown For a Summer Wedding.


Diva said...

I tried to like the bride line...I really did. But the dresses are just ugly. Maybe in a few years they'll come up with something that looks a little better but is still affordable.

Dahlia's Day said...

That's a very good comment! Thanks for that viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Diva that's just mean! Some people are happy just to have a dress (like me) that they can afford. I am rocking the trampunto in opal cream w/ a pink sash.