Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chocolate fondant wedding cakes

Chocolate – the color is making its way as the cool color for wedding cakes. When I saw the chocolate fondant cake by Elisa Strauss on Foodtv, I must say that I was hooked. It is when you pair chocolate brown with a color like peach, apple green, turquoise, purple, and magenta, that the color truly comes out. It is pretty much something that you either like or don’t like probably because it is too dark for some, while other brides just gotta have it. I guess it’s because it may seem a bit too “masculine” – like something you’d reserve for the groom’s cake. But, surprisingly, it is quite remarkable of a color for a wedding cake. I’m just wondering right now as to how many of you out there would want this type of cake, since it isn't for everyone. Still unsure? Check out these sites for some fab ideas:

Chocolate brown with green

Chocolate brown with retro blue

Mini wedding cakes with gold dragées

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