Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Free Wedding

Are you going to be the new Mr. And Mrs. of 2007? This is the year that you’ve been waiting for. You’re in luck because there is an upcoming wedding show that will be offering a free wedding at the show. This is a show of shows in the wedding scene and has taken years of careful planning. Award-winning vendors and suppliers from all over the country also plan to give away a variety of goods. A honeymoon will be given away as well wherein it will be 8 night stay and 7 day vacation on an exotic Caribbean location. A church officiant will also be available at the wedding show and will be issuing free wedding lectures. Cake sampling will be available, since cake vendors have decided to give free samples of their wedding cake creations. Grooms can also take part in the show this year because there will be a cake dive catered for grooms unlike the usual cake dive, this one aims to be different. Grooms will be diving in for a garter toss and the price is a real toss. A fashion show featuring the season’s hottest wedding styles also leaves much to be anticipated. Models are said to be donning non-traditional gown colors in bold bursting colors of persimmon, jade, and turquoise. As for bridesmaids’ fashion, the new theme of the season centers on ‘your own, your way.’ Excited yet? It gets even better as the giveaways at this show seem to be endless. A giftware company at the show will be offering ‘absolutely free’ favors to those attending the show for the first time. As a way of showing their appreciation to all brides, insiders say that all of the companies at the show plan to focus their attention on the needs of today’s brides, and therefore, profit and cost will take a secondary role in order to make this show a true success.

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Show for a free wedding

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