Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coral Wedding Invitations

Because I'm feeling blue, downright blue and dull, even gray. The best color that comes into mind that will pick me up, or at least lighten my mood is orange, or coral as it is also widely known as. To get yourself immersed in this color, though, can take a little effort because let's face it, orange is not a color that is like pink, which in an instant, you either like it or hate it. There are also people who say that orange is the color of being crazy? Anyways, it's still an interesting color. But, today, let's try to like this color. Besides coral being a very uncommon wedding color, it can actually be matched with a few other lesser known colors such as turquoise, lime green, or olive. You can also coordinate coral very well with ivory. I'm asking myself right now, how does one start with an orange color palette.

The answer is to start with paper:

Papel Vivo's Handmade Invitation
A bit pricey, but the handmade quality of these invitations is worth it. The pretty coral design is just a great way to set the stage for a classy beach party. Notice the chocolate brown shaded band that goes with the invitation. Brown can also be matched with coral!

Swoozies Coral Place Card (from Putnam House)
This elegant place card features a border of coral designs. If you don't want to go overboard, this is the way to go.

Fine Stationery

Want to send a photo of your honeymoon together with your thank-you cards? These lovely cards allow you to place a photo on the card. I say these are just too cute because you can display the card on your desk at the office or home.

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Mandino said...

I really like this idea. it would be cool too to have this design for the picture frame too. I have also been looking for some marine design and this has sparked some idea that I can put into my DVD invitation that I have recently found in Silver Screen Invites.