Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Wedding Map

In the world of mapping a wedding, before online maps became available, there was the cumbersome map. One that was often the size of a newspaper and you had to layout it all out on a table to find anything. You also had to make photo copies and create snippets of the wedding location, reception, including hotels, and other significant details. That was then, but now you've got the web and you the emergence of sophisticated online mapping tools. Take the website of, after trying out this service, I must say that it doesn't get any easier than this. Simply enter the address of the ceremony and reception of your wedding, and a great little map is generated for you. If you haven't found any place yet, it also offers suggestions on places that are within your chosen vicinity. You can also include the hotel location, the airport, as well as the restaurant address of the wedding, and a a great big map is produced that provides directions to each destination. The nice thing about this tool is that you can also personalize it by entering other details such as photos, your wedding gift registry, your own wedding website address, and then send this off in an email to your guests. If you have a website, you can also send link to your map from the website. Sending a map with your invitations, they've got that covered, too. How much better can this get? Wanna see more? Follow this link .

Incidentally, last night, I found that Google started offering a service that allows you personalize maps on Google Maps. You may also want to check it out. Follow this link.

When searching for potential wedding venues, an online mapping tool is a great help!


Fur Everywhere said...

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Anonymous said...

Site Update - We just wanted to let you know that we added FREE Do-It-Yourself Wedding Map Guides to our website. We have noticed that a lot of brides are searching for easy, free DIY wedding map instructions for their invitations and hotel gift bags.

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Anonymous said...

These are really sophisticated and you can be completely involved in the map making process...

Anonymous said...

Also, companies such as offer custom maps that will match the wedding invitation ensemble at an affordable price.
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