Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooch and Button Bouquets

You've surely noticed that weddings today are incorporating more and more handmade elements. You see it in the decor, in guest favors, and even in the bridal party's attire and accessories--such as some ultra-creative, non-floral bouquets. This idea isn't exactly new. But it still continues to amaze me at what fabulous arrangements designers (and even brides themselves) have created from all sorts of materials!

Today's "Take Two" reminds us of what gorgeous wedding bouquets have been made from fancy brooches (both vintage and not) and decorative buttons. From sophisticated and elegant, to sweet and whimsical--you can choose a style for every type of wedding!

  1. Two stunning bouquets (top) made entirely of floral brooches from Fantasy Floral Designs 
  2. "Pretty in pink" all-button nosegay from RBK Creations via Helen Carter Weddings
  3. Whimsical felt and button arrangement from Princess Lasertron via Wedding Bee Pro
  4. Unstructured bouquet of brooches and buttons from Simply Stephy

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Take Two" Kickoff

Announcing! Here's my attempt at organizing my blog for the new year, by offering you two nuggets of wedding inspiration to take away with you per post. Hence, "take two"!

At the moment, I'm still suffering from "pre-spring fever." So anything with an air of freshness that has been worked into a wedding is sure to catch my eye. Take these two lovely ideas: an elegant cake embraced by wildflower vines and berry clusters, and fresh fruit centerpieces in the most irresistible colors. Now, aren't you just dying to work these into your spring wedding?

  1. Fruit and flower adorned wedding cake from Wildflower Custom Cakes (via Paper Olive Blog)
  2. Luscious green apple centerpiece from Simply Stated, A Real Simple Blog; and cheery lemon centerpiece from The Knot (both via The White Petal)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Wedding Show for the Contemporary Bride

Exciting news! I happened to stumble across what should be a great experience for all you brides-to-be and wedding planners out there. If you can make it to Grand Rapids, Michigan next month, this is what Pearls Events and Paper Nest Designs have in store for you...

Following on the success of GRunveiled 2010, the organizers are now in the thick of preparing what promises to be an even more exciting show this year. They graciously offer a sneak peek of what they've got planned, plus of course allow you to register immediately. Wish I could go myself! But even if I can't, there no reason why I shouldn't pass on such great news, right? Happy GRunveiling!

Friday, January 07, 2011

More Flowers on My Mind

With the fashion and events worlds all abuzz about honeysuckle as Pantone's Color of the Year, can't help it if I've got more flowers on my mind! Or should I say, on the wrist?

It may seem a bit "Victorian" but I always thought those little nosegays worn on the wrist were so charming. Not to mention practical, too. At weddings, bridesmaids have to worry about keeping their formal purses safely at hand and holding up their skirts to avoid stepping on the hem. So a bouquet could be somewhat of a bother. Enter these mini, hands-free creations!

Wrist corsages like these make lovely bridal party accessories - serving the purpose of both floral accent and jewelry at the same time:
  1. A lace-and-flowers cuff features honeysuckle blooms
  2. Roses and berries create a bold red statement
  3. Orchids and tiny asters make a refined combination
  4. A pearl bracelet is adorned with purple orchids

Monday, January 03, 2011

Bringing in the Spring Florals

Looking forward to a beautiful spring wedding? Well, winter may linger a bit longer, depending on where you are. But weddings in February and March can begin the subtle shift from winter white to spring colors by bringing in soft florals. Bridal gowns can go flouncier and frillier, with floral accents worked into the design. Wedding cakes can mimic flower arrangements. Even accessories such as the bride's shoes can have dainty floral touches, while the bridesmaids' bouquets and the wedding party's jewelry can begin to incorporate the sweet pastels of spring!

  1. A bridal gown from the Spring 2011 collection of Monique Lhuillier is abloom with gorgeous white roses
  2. A wedding cake, designed by Sylvia Weinstock, is a stunning floral piece inspired by the French croquembouche
  3. Silver and bead jewelry from Art Beads features vintage-style floral designs
  4. A bridesmaid's bouquet from Living Fresh contains pastel-hued spring blossoms
  5. Bridal shoes by Brianna Leigh have dainty little rosettes as accents