Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cool peacock invitations

I've always been fascinated by the beautiful colors of peacock feathers. You see them a lot in art deco paintings and in some vintage prints. I love these invitations below simply because they look elegant yet don't appear pretentious as many would associate with having a peacock-inspired style for a wedding. Some people might think it's a very snobby theme, but these invites show that there is still a classy way to convey one's sophisticated taste. For a peacock palette, I just like the whole matching of colors in teal, gold, and even green and magenta.

Cool peacock invitations

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pretty Tiffany Blue Dresses Luv It

So, I was browsing around and discovered some pretty bridesmaid dresses in Tiffany blue. I'm nuts about this color palette, so when I discovered these collections, I decided that it's best to show it here. Note- the last dress in the series is available in blue, the pic that showed up just happens to be a beige one. Makes me wish I could be a bridesmaid this summer! Or, even if I'm not tapped into being one, I'd love to wear a gorgeous dress - just to feel like a pretty lady:)

lena07's recommendations at ThisNext

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother of the Bride Dresses that Say "WOW"

I always love Mother's Day because it really is a special time for mothers all over the world. And when it comes to planning a wedding, most mothers are happy to help whenever they can, though, some brides may argue that sometimes having mom too involved can back fire. Yet, at the end of the day, I think she's just trying to make it a perfect day. With this said, I found some gorgeous dresses for mom to wear at the wedding. I chose these colors because they are flattering and don't make mom look like an outdated bridesmaid - so to speak. But, what I do love about these dresses is how they have a very classy look to them without making mom look like some diva. So, here they are:

Audrey's Mother of the Bride

Features a pretty blue dress with a lovely designed skirt. I think this color would be great a beach wedding reception or one that is by a romantic lake.

House of Brides

Features an elegant asymmetrical layered skirt similar to the one above. Oh, I'd wear this one at a Fall wedding.

Tadashi at Nordstrom's

This gown has a very stylish appeal to it because of its taffeta fabric - love that collar. And navy is so chic for mom. For this gown, I can see this being worn at a lavish hotel wedding - probably at a fall or winter wedding, but definitely at a wedding with a more formal flair to it.

If you're looking out for more ideas, I found this great blog entry from Faye and Greer about Shopping for the Mother of the Bride